Business web page creation tips

Dawson area businesses that would like submit a web page need to follow these steps:

  1. Your web page must fit on a single HD 3-1/2 inch floppy disk or cd rom.  The total size of your page cannot exceed 1.5 megabytes.  The data should reside in the root (main) directory of the disk.

  2. The home page must be named index.html.  Home page file names such as Index.htm, INDEX.HTML, home.html, etc. are not directly supported by the web server.

  3. All of your HTML files need to be in ASCII (plain text) format.  Native Word, Publisher, Power Point, Front Page, etc. formats will not work properly.  Be sure to export these types of files into a standard ASCII HTML format.  See the instructions of your web authoring software on how this is done.

Businesses that currently have a web page on another server need to follow these instructions.

After verifying that your page is fully operational, label the disk with your company name and bring it to the Dawson city office.

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Last modified April 17, 2013