City Manager
 Crystal Hansonl  320-769-2154

City Clerk/Treasurer
 Evie Joyce  320-769-2154

Administrative Assistant
 Kristi Kvaal  320-769-2154

City Attorney
 Richard Stulz 320-769-2473

Police Chief
 Andy Stock  320-769-4700

Fire Chief
 Brian Hersom  320-769-2689

Pub. Utilities Superintendent
 Brent Powers  320-769-2111

Liquor Store Operations Supervisor
 Garney Jager  320-769-2755

 Kathie Behrens  320-769-2069

Zoning Official
 Merlin Ellefson  320-769-2482

Daws the Gnome

Dawson - The small city with the bright future
Mayors' Greeting
City Council
City Office
Council Minutes
Job Opportunities
City Ordinances
Police Department
Fire Department
Water/Wastewater Dept
City Forms
Street Department
Liquor Store

Greetings from Merlin Ellefson

Mayor Merlin Ellefson Welcome to the City of Dawson website.  We are very proud of our community and its thriving business district which offers a great variety of shopping opportunities.  Dawson also offers a wide range of services; a modern hospital, clinic, nursing home, and assisted living facility and a K-12 school system.  We have businesses to provide everything from keeping your vehicle running smoothly to your home in tip top shape.  We also offer Religious opportunities for most dominations within the city and surrounding area.

I was born and raised in the City of Dawson.  I attended and graduated from the local school and then went on to pursue the carpentry trade in the area until my retirement.  My wife Jane and I raised four children here and they all look forward to returning to Dawson with their families to visit us and their friends.

Come visit Dawson, the small city with the bright future-a gem on the prairie.

Merlin Ellefson, Mayor

City Council

Regular meeting are held on the 1st Tuesday and 3rd Tuesday of each month at 5:30 p.m. In June, July and August there is only one meeting which is the 1st Tuesday of each month at 5:30 p.m. Meetings are conducted in the Council Chambers at City Hall.

The City of Dawson's form of government is Mayor - Council - Manager Plan, governed by home rule charter. The Council is composed of the Mayor and 6 Council members who are elected at large. Each Council Member and the Mayor shall serve for a term of 4 years.

Mayor Merlin Ellefson
Council Becky Bothun, phone 320-769-2005
  John Harker, phone 320-226-3144
  David Lien, phone 320-841-0580
  Heather Myers, phone 320-226-6729
  Jeff Olson
  J.T. Schacherer, phone 320-226-2219

Information for the agenda must be submitted to City Office the Thursday prior to the scheduled council meeting.

City Code Committee

Meets as necessary.

Councilperson Becky Bothun Councilperson J.T. Schacherer
Merlin Ellefson Crystal Hansonl
John Tollefson Evie Joyce
Brent Powers

Economic Development Authority Board

Regular meeting is held the 4th Monday of each month at 4:00 p.m. Meetings are held in the Council Chambers at City Hall.

Commissioners President: Morrie Schacherer
Vice President: Lee Gunderson Secretary: Kim Miller
Treasurer: Merlin Ellefson Commissioner: John Roiger
Commissioner: Jeff Olson Commissioner: Jon Wager
Staff Crystal Hansonl: Executive Director
Pam Lehmann: LqP EDA Executive Director Gayle Lindquist: Apartment Manager

Finance Committee

Meets Tuesday 8 a.m. at City Hall 2nd Tuesday Feb-May-Aug-Nov

Councilperson Jeff Olson Councilperson Heather Myers
Merlin Ellefson Crystal Hansonl
Evie Joyce

Liquor Committee

Meets Thursdays 8 a.m. at City Hall 3rd Thursday Feb-June-Oct

Councilperson J.T. Schacherer Councilperson David Lien
Merlin Ellefson Crystal Hansonl
Evie Joyce Garney Jager

Park Board

Meets Thursdays noon at City Hall 2nd Thursday March-July-Nov

Councilperson Heather Myers Councilperson Becky Bothun
Merlin Ellefson Crystal Hansonl
Brent Powers Head Lifeguard During the Season

Personnel Committee

Meets as necessary

Councilperson J.T. Schacherer Councilperson David Lien
Merlin Ellefson Crystal Hansonl

Planning & Zoning Commission

Meets as necessary.

Councilperson John Harker Councilperson Heather Myers
Merlin Ellefson Crystal Hansonl
John Tollefson Brent Powers

Police Commission

Meets Thursdays 8 a.m. at City Hall 2nd Thursday Jan-May-Sept

Councilperson David Lien Councilperson Jeff Olson
Merlin Ellefson Crystal Hansonl
John Tollefson Andy Stock

Road & Bridge Committee

Meets Wednesdays noon at City Hall 3rd Wednesday Jan-April-July-Oct

Councilperson John Harker Councilperson J.T. Schacherer
Merlin Ellefson Crystal Hansonl
Evie Joyce Brent Powers
Duane Kruger

Water/Wastewater Committee

Meets Wednesdays noon at City Hall 1st Wednesday Jan-April-July-Oct

Councilperson Jeff Olson Councilperson John Harker
Merlin Ellefson Crystal Hansonl
Evie Joyce Brent Powers
Vince Adelman

Library Board

Meets as Necessary

Merlin Ellefson Crystal Hansonl
Heather Myers John Harker
Pauline Pate Donna Hermanson
Peggy Crosby Kris Coseutino

Bond Refunding Committee

Meets as Necessary

Councilperson Jeff Olson Merlin Ellefson
Crystal Hansonl

Pioneerland Library Board

Councilperson Heather Myers

Job Opportunities

City Forms

The City of Dawson offers the following electronic forms in PDF format for your convenience.  Please return the completed form to the City office.

City Pet License Job Application Zoning Permit Application

Police Department

The Dawson Police Department includes a Chief, two patrolman, and multiple part-time officers. Police services are provided 24 hours a day, year round.

The Department services includes crime prevention efforts, criminal investigation, traffic control, animal control, and many misc. duties required of a small town Department.

Andrew Stock, Chief of Police
Dustin Lewis, Patrolman
Nicholas Smith, Patrolman

Fire Department

Dawson is fortunate to have a volunteer Fire Department with 23 active members.  The Fire Department began in 1908.  They are over 100 years in operation.

Water Department

The City has three working wells. Well #5 was drilled in 1957 and pumps 450 GPM. Well #6 was drilled in 1963 and pumps 450 GPM. Well #7 was drilled in 1978 and pumps 450 GPM. Wells #1-4 have been abandoned and sealed.

The water treatment plant was built in 2003 and is located at 3rd and Elm. The plant filters iron and manganese. Fluoride and chlorine are added to the water.

The water tower was built in 1970 and the capacity is 150,000 gallons. Daily water consumption is 200-300,000 gallons per day. There are about 13 miles of water main. The water hardness is 40-45 grains hard.

Wastewater Department

Wastewater treatment plant The wastewater treatment plant was built in 1973. The permitted capacity is 500,000 gallons per day with a 5-day carbonaceous biochemical oxygen demand (CBOD5) of 230 milligrams per liter (mg/l). There was a 500,000 gallon bio-solids storage tank built in 1996. The plant was completeley renovated in 2004 by adding two new oxidation ditches that doubled the hydraulic and organic loading capacity, a new clarifier structure, and changed from chlorine to ultraviolet disinfection.

There are three sanitary sewer lift stations, one south of the dam built in 1982 and another at the S.E. corner of the Golf Course built in 1981. The last one at the North end of the walking bridge built in 1992. There are approximately 11 miles of sanitary sewer in town.

Street Department

Road Grader There are approximately 15 miles of blacktop street that the city maintains and a total of 18 miles of street that the city plows snow on.

Dawson Liquor Store

The City of Dawson owns and operates an off sale liquor store. The hours are 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Throughout the years of operation our liquor store has donated thousands of dollars to the community.

City Council Minutes

Click on the button to the right and select the month of the council minutes desired.

First Meeting
Second Meeting

The free Acrobat Reader browser plugin is required to view the above files.

City Ordinances

Click here to view all city ordinances.  Please note that you will be leaving the City of Dawson website.  This link takes you to Sterling Codifiers who maintain our ordinances.

Click here to view the most current council agenda.

The City of Dawson is interested in the publicís opinion concerning sidewalks. This has been a topic of discussion for quite some time, and the City is looking to establish policies that are feasible for the City to enforce while benefiting the community as well. Topics of discussion include snow removal, safety, use of sidewalks, addressing sidewalk concerns, cost, removal, etc.

Therefore, the City of Dawson has made available an online survey to enlist the communityís help in this matter. To take the online survey, click here. A copy of the survey is available at City Hall, 675 Chestnut Street, between the hours of 8:00 - 4:30 Monday through Friday.

City of Dawson
Box 552
675 Chestnut
Dawson, MN  56232
Administrator: 320-769-2154
City Clerk: 320-769-2154
Fax: 320-769-2858

Office hours: Weekdays, 8 am to 4:30 pm

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