Boards & Commissions

2019 Council Committee Assignments:

Council President:       Jeff Olson

Water/Wastewater:    Steve Tufto and Al Tufto

Road & Bridge:            Jeff Olson and Steve Tufto

Finance:                       Jeff Olson and Charlie Prestholdt

Police Commission:      Jeff Olson and Steve Tufto

Liquor:                          Chessa Frahm and Al Tufto

Personnel:                    Steve Tufto and Al Tufto

Planning/Zoning:         Steve Tufto and Charlie Prestholdt

Charter/Code:              Charlie Prestholdt and Al Tufto

Pioneerland Board:       Jeff Olson

Bond Refunding:            Jeff Olson and Chessa Frahm

EDA:                              Jeff Olson and Randy Tensen

Library Board:               Jeff Olson and Steve Tufto

Fire Department:           Jeff Olson and Steve Tufto

Zoning Official:             Brent Powers